Welcome to our Guidelines. Information on how to be a great contributor and also explanations on why accounts may be restricted.

There are two sets of guidelines:

  1. For Chat & Comments – please see the guidelines here
  2. For Posts & Other things – see below

Only individuals can share deals

We want to be a place people trust to find genuine deals. This means we don’t allow companies to share their own products/services.

If you are a retailer and want to share your products on then please get in touch. Note, we will always reserve editorial control and only post deals that are good for our members.


Our community seeks the best deals and money-saving advice in the USA. Your posts should be of high quality in terms of the rarity of offers, the accuracy of the information, and from a variety of sources. Whether an offer is good or not is of course subjective but we do ask that you genuinely believe what you’re sharing is good value and helpful (e.g. a deal informing people that Marks and Spencer sell clothes probably isn’t very helpful. A deal letting people know there’s a 30% off sale at Marks and Spencer is a lot more helpful!)


  • If possible the link should go directly to the product, rather than the retailer’s homepage or social media.
  • The title should be a short, clear description of the deal (e.g. “Converse White Split Hi Trainers”).
  • Please include the discounted price and (if higher) the RRP.
  • Please upload/select an image of the deal.
  • Please include a detailed description, ideally including your opinion on why the deal is good value.
  • If the deal is only available in-store (i.e. it cannot be bought online) please tick the “in-store only” box when sharing the deal. Please also provide proof of the in-store price, for example, a photograph.
  • If the deal requires a discount code please tick the “This deal requires a voucher code” box and add the code separately.
  • Subscribe & Save offers (for example, on Amazon): the main deal price should be the normal, single purchase price. We do not accept the “subscribe & save” price as a deal, for it’s available on nearly every product. You are welcome to include this extra information in the description.


  • The title should include the discount/offer and what it applies to (e.g. “$5 off orders over $30 at B&Q”)
  • Vouchers should apply to more than one product (e.g. site-wide or a particular range of products). If a voucher only discounts a specific product or service please share it as a deal instead.
  • If a voucher code isn’t required please share it as a deal instead (e.g. Automatic 20% off everything at Argos)
  • If available, please set the expiration date of the voucher.
  • Please include any relevant terms and conditions in the description.


  • The title should include what the freebie is (e.g. “Free set of playing cards”).
  • Please upload/select an image of the freebie.
  • Freebies should be free. If you’ve found a freebie that requires a spend (e.g. spend $30 to get a free cuddly toy) or relies on cashback please share this as a deal instead.
  • A small, reasonable postage charge is okay. Please fill in the postage amount separately.
  • If you need to fill in a form (e.g. Survey Monkey, Google Form, etc) please also try and include a link to where the original offer was advertised (e.g. a page on the retailer’s website or social media post).
  • If the freebie is a giveaway (e.g. Enter for a chance to get a free shampoo) please share as a competition instead.
  • We do not accept free eBooks (free trials to popular paid-for platforms are OK, for example, a 3-month free trial to Amazon Kindle Unlimited)
  • We do not accept apps, digital downloads, software, and other digital things which are usually free. (If they are reduced in price, for example, down from £1 to free, that is OK.)